“In life, we never truly lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are.”

Friend or Foe?

This is the question that never cease to run through our minds, but for me, it was mostly during high school. And now, I know.

The past 4 months has been one of the best times for me. Mainly, I got to meet an uncountable amount of wonderful and amazing human beings that I have grown to love and that I know I’ll treasure for a very long time. From crazy college mates to my weird captainball mates. They are literally the source of my happiness and the trigger to my smiles and laughter. But this doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my high school mates, instead it made me treasure them more. I didn’t realize how much I missed my classmates and schoolmates till high school ended. It feels odd from seeing everyone five times a week to only a few times a month. Even then, we have to call, fix a time and place to meet.  It’s also true that they say, ‘Some of the best memories are made in high school.’ 

This came across my mind when I was having a conversation with a friend. She is someone who tends to befriend guys more than girls because she’s more of the bro-girl kinda girl and only have a few close girlfriends. So moving to a new place and starting all over again is not easy. Especially not to a place where 98% of the male population are jerks. No, it’s not a joke. And I actually realize that KK boys are really gentleman. As in they actually care about the well-being of a girl first. (Yeah okay guys, don’t let it get to your head yeah? *smirks*) Anyways, lacking of guy friends actually made her upset about it at one point cause’ she didn’t have anyone to pour her heart out to. So this went on for two to three months before I pointed out to her that her close family-friend is a guy and is actually someone who she can talk to. It took my words to shake her out of her guy-best-friend hunting phase and to actually appreciate the people that are already around her.

I guess my point is if, you love what you have, you have everything you need.Lindsay & Austin // Engaged


To my college mates, I love you guys for doing the stupidest things with me (Like in the elevator), for putting up with my crazy-ness and hyper-ness and my addiction to Frozen. HAHA. And to my bros, love you niggas to the tiniest bits. Thanks for always looking out for me. BLACK-INSIDE. x

To my captainball mates, you guys are amazing. From learning a whole new language to the games on the field. REAL! x

To my ex-classmates and schoolmates, I miss you guys like cray cray. I hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re doing now and whatever life brings you. You guys are definitely unforgettable. LEGENDARY 96! x

To my best friend, you’re a bitch but you’re my bitch. I love you lah babes. 🙂 xx

Cheers! x


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