Bros before hoes, Chicks before dicks

Definitely bro-code is being more upheld. Being a girl, I know that girls can be really mean to each other some times. I’ve seen tons of backstabbing among girls who claimed to be best friends, yet one little thing done wrong on one person’s part and she is torn apart. Also the whole jealousy and leveling thing is just ridiculous. Girls can be ridiculously critical of each other. So sick of it all. Whereas guys can be happy for their friends, some girls just cannot. It’s ridiculous how some girls feel they have to compete against every other girl. I had my fair share of girl-drama in high school, enough to last me a lifetime. But its through these things that shape who I am now and also proves who my true friends are. And for that, I’m thankful.

Unwritten rules in friendships
Every relationship has some “unwritten rules” that apply. These are things that people should know instinctively, or at least learn as part of growing up and becoming an adult. The problem is, sometimes people don’t know about these little tidbits, so I think it’s high time the unwritten rules of friendship were written down.

My personal favorite, Don’t ever date your friend’s ex.
This rule applies to dating as well as friendship. If your pal went out with someone, that person is now off-limits for you. This is true for a couple of different reasons. First, you need to support your friend through their breakup. This means that when they are angry and hurt over something their ex did, you need to have their back, which includes listening to them, being empathic, and standing up for them if need be. The second thing is, when your friend is finally over their ex, it would be weird for them to see you with this person. More than that, it may bring up all those issues that your friend worked so hard to get over.

I thought it was a universal rule that good friends do not date people their friends have had any type of relationship with. When I experienced this, not only did it break my number one girl code rule, it stunned me that they were even friends. She met him as a guy I was seeing and she was my good friend once upon a time. It is one of the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Don’t even call yourself a friend if you’ve done that. But honestly, I’ve forgiven that person, but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it. 

Notify/Help with common mishaps: Having spinach caught in our teeth, our zipper accidentally undone, or the tag on our clothes sticking up, etc.

Its through these embarrassing moments you can say, “I always want to know when I have something stuck in my teeth. Do you agree?” As long as the answer is “yes,” then say, “I think you have something in yours.”  Even though I tend to feel a little uncomfortable during these situations I’ll still let them know because hey, if it was me, I’d rather be told by a friend than a stranger or worst, a hot guy. Haha.

Don’t ever steal your friend’s friend

Isn’t it awful to make friends with someone and leave out the person who brought you together in the first place? This is something that is pretty common nowadays. But these things tend to happen due to common interest, similar working life or even lifestyles. So when we are leapfrogged, perhaps we ought to look at ourselves, give our mates the benefit of the doubt and accept that it’s natural for people to gravitate towards those in similar situations. 

So this is written while I’m working because it’s helping me keep awake. Hahhahahhahahha. So its kinda short and impromptu. But I think the only rule and the number one rule of the Bro Code is that a guy must always have his bro’s back. Right? *smirks*

cheers! x


2 thoughts on “Bros before hoes, Chicks before dicks

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