You’re in love with the idea of love

Here you are again, giving another chance to the person who has already hurt you so many times. Here you are again, saying you love a person you just met a few days ago. Here you are again, going out with the person your friends warned you about. Here you are again, thinking you are… Continue reading You’re in love with the idea of love


Ba Ba Black sheep.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a black sheep is someone who feels left out in a family. Basically, the outcast of the family because they choose to do other things than live up to their parents’ standards. They’re the outcasts, the “weirdos”, the rebels. (I am definitely in the last category. *smirks*) More often than… Continue reading Ba Ba Black sheep.


Impertinence towards women

Some people would say that society has raised men to be disrespectful towards women. Men, in their own ways, have been taught subtly from a very young age that the world belongs to them; that they are powerful and the “master” among the human species. It is not a conscious act among men to disrespect… Continue reading Impertinence towards women


The Sunshine Award

Woke up to MYKULMITCH ‘s nomination for the Sunshine Award and I am beyond ecstatic now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR NOMINATION! God bless. 🙂 The Sunshine Award is for bloggers who are made out of sunshine, positive & inspiring and are generous enough to share it on their blogs with the world. So this is… Continue reading The Sunshine Award


Perception Deception

Doesn’t it suck when you find out that someone who was a part of your life was never who they pretended to be? That’s when disappointment hits you. But what does disappointment really mean? Disappointment is just the action of your brain readjusting itself to reality after discovering things are not the way you thought they… Continue reading Perception Deception



Its 3AM. And you’re still awake, when you shouldn’t be. Slowly it starts happening. You start thinking and thinking and thinking till you can’t stop. These are the thoughts that happen when you’re awake until sunrise. The ones where you start questioning existence, inspecting every one of your imperfections, and thinking of every single mistake… Continue reading Insomnia