Its 3AM. And you’re still awake, when you shouldn’t be. Slowly it starts happening. You start thinking and thinking and thinking till you can’t stop.

These are the thoughts that happen when you’re awake until sunrise. The ones where you start questioning existence, inspecting every one of your imperfections, and thinking of every single mistake you’ve made. You begin to wonder why you should still be around, what really matters after all.

This is when you start to question whether you should tell your best friend or your boyfriend or your girlfriend or simply, keep it bottled up inside your untamed mind.

What you think inside your head is all yours.

The thoughts I think are closed off to others by the walls of my skull and I like them to stay there.

Once you choose to speak a thought or act upon it, its no longer yours. Once you’ve been heard or seen people will judge and think about it.

And its not yours anymore.

The thoughts you think late at night that shake your heart and make your soul quiver are yours. No one can take them from you, no one can tell you you’re wrong or right or weak or strong. Those thought are all for you to hold and keep and dwell in and forever hide because that’s okay.

It’s okay to hide sometimes. It’s okay to have thoughts that never leave your mind. It’s okay.

You don’t have to share. Those thoughts are yours and are not meant for anyone else. Keep them close and keep them dear. And think before you speak.

You never know what thoughts can do.

Cheers! x


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