Impertinence towards women


Some people would say that society has raised men to be disrespectful towards women. Men, in their own ways, have been taught subtly from a very young age that the world belongs to them; that they are powerful and the “master” among the human species. It is not a conscious act among men to disrespect women. As a matter of fact, some probably don’t even realize the effect of their actions.

Take for instance the guys on the construction site. Their typical way of appreciating a sexy girl walking past is to make noise, do wolf whistling and calling out to her to attract attention. They probably are not aware that what they are doing is making the girl feel like an object and it’s degrading to most.

There are different subtle and non-subtle signs of disrespect:

  • Name-calling
  • Ignoring when being talked to
  • Physical and  mental abuse
  • Cheating
  • Belittling you in public
  • Controlling
  • Being late and letting women wait
  • Cocky
  • Self-centered when dealing with women

It is also up to women to respect themselves enough to never allow a man to speak to them disrespectfully. 9 times out of 10, if you show me a women who has men saying sexual and disrespectful things to her, it will be a women who has low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. Respect yourselves more women. Don’t accept or condone such behavior from men. It is never okay. You are worthy of being treated much better.

And to the men who are guilty of cat-calling, whistling or staring at women with a gross and perverted look written all over their faces, or even saying sexual lines, I urge them to have more respect for the women around them, and don’t be that guy, because, really, nobody likes that guy.

Cheers! x

PS: Lately I’ve been getting really disrespectful and annoying questions on my, hence this post(also thanks to my best friend for this idea). image
And honestly I’m just sick of it. So keep your sick and perverted thoughts to yourself if you have nothing better to say.

PPS: This video is truly amazing and if you have not understood my post at all then just watch this video instead. Killing Us Softly 4


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