The broken ones


Not long ago, the broken one was I.

Much like shattered glass; dangerous and beyond repair.

The fragmented remains of my soul lacerated and abused all who came close.

Then, the impossible became reality.

Darkness gave way to a delicate dance , so skillfully orchestrated, so intricate and beautiful that it cannot be easily described.

A personal symphony of inception, with a vitalizing crescendo that gave way to an exquisite transformation, and then subsided into the steady drum of a heartbeat.

And out of the wreckage came a woman, magnificent and new, and yet made of all the broken pieces of my soul.

Can this be true? Indeed it is.

I am not well. I am broken inside. I am broken almost all-the-way deep, and I don’t know…I don’t know if I can ever be unbroken, let alone well again”.
~Carrie Jones, Entice

Cheers! x



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