He’s your boyfriend, not your slave


Whether it’s changing a flat or reaching out for something on a high shelf, doing favors for you makes your guy feel useful and strong. But just because he’s your boyfriend doesn’t mean he’s your slave. There are some things no guy wants to do, ever.

Hold your purse
When a guy awkwardly clutches a handbag, it’s like he’s cradling his amputated ego. Yes, holding a handbag is like stamping ‘Whipped’ on his forehead in capital-block-red letters, and not to mention, having other men obligated to ridicule him. Even if you have to go to the bathroom, there’s a reason why bathroom stalls have hooks in them, ladies.

I find it totally ridiculous when I pass by couples in shopping malls, holding hands with the girls hands completely free and empty, and the guy? Yups. That’s right. Holding her handbag/purse. Like who do you think you are? The guardians of the purse? Geez dude. Have a little male ego & dignity. And girls, don’t embarrass your guy like that.  

Meet your ex
Guys will understand that you have had a romantic past, but don’t expect them to want to have a drink with it. Meeting your ex just makes them think something’s going on, which sends them into chest-thumping, alpha-male mode. I mean that’s why they’re your ex right? Because you had a past involvement with them?

If a meeting with the ex is completely unavoidable, at least give the guys the benefit of small talk (please, no reminiscing) and then excuse them. ASAP.

So treat your boyfriend with love and respect. Not use them to your own benefits like getting free meals or transportation somewhere. They’re humans too.

Cheers! x




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