DotA vs Girlfriends


Have you ever been dumped by your girl because of the next 4 letters, DotA? Can’t reply on your gf’s text messages and calls because you’re busy on money shooting? Sounds funny right? Well, it’s hilarious to me. It’s like girls telling their boyfriends; Sorry babe, I can’t answer your call right now. I’m busy feeding my animals on FarmVille.
Same difference.

DotA is an addicting game for guys and what sucks most is that games can last from like 20 mins to like 40 mins, maybe even more if you’re unlucky. But to the girls, don’t tell me you can’t entertain yourself for a few hours? Watch a movie, or read a book. Just because your boyfriend is gaming for a few hours, doesn’t make it the end of your relationship. Unless, he’s a hardcore gamer. Now that’s a different story.

What really bothers me is how most guys think that all girls hate their boyfriends for playing DotA. Just because majority of the girls don’t play, doesn’t make all of them disapprove your hobby or ‘passion’ for the game. As long as you’re not playing it literally 24/7 like some lifeless zombie, and completely ignore your girlfriends,  your girl should be okay with it. If they’re not, clearly they have some space issues. Too much clingy-ness right there. That’s a sad life for you bro. But I can assure you, not all girls are like that, so appreciate her too, before she finds someone else to do it for you.

Also, to the girls, you’ll know he’s a keeper if he can answer your call or reply a few texts while he’s gaming. 🙂

PS: To the girls reading this, let’s see if the majority of the male population is a keeper or not. 😉
Guys, I’d appreciate it if you answer the poll below! Thanks for your time! 😀


Cheers! x



One thought on “DotA vs Girlfriends

  1. Hey DoTA is not that bad. Let me put it this way: when you’re busy taking 30 – 60 minutes changing into that nice cocktail dress that we’re taking to you that five star sushi restaurant for a date – it’s a good way for us to kill time – in that 3 piece suit you picked out for us

    Actually no, if it were a “real” man, he’d have picked it out himself (and yes, I pick out my own suits).

    Former Dota player


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