This bracelet is a great reminder to stay hopeful and know that even in my darkest moments it will get better.

The lokai bracelet is a stretchable bracelet that has a black bead containing mud from the dead sea, the lowest point on Earth. The black bead represents difficult moments you may experience throughout life. Directly across from the black bead is a white bead containing water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on Earth, representing life’s highest moments. The water is infused into the silicone mixture and then injected into the ball itself to insure the water is always in the bead.  The beads in between are clear to remind us that clarity is key in times of joy and sadness. The clear beads also symbolize that we all have a story and those beads just represent pieces of the story.

This unique bracelet was created by a man named Steven Izen after he learned that his grandfather had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The experience of joy and sadness was experienced so close together that he thought: life is circular, and throughout your highest highs and lowest lows, it’s important to always remain balanced.

Just in case you are wondering the name lokai was inspired by the Hawaiian word Lokahi meaning unity and to blend opposites.

Located within each package is a My lokai Card that encourages wearers to share their own stories of balance and inspiration with others. Lokai gives 10% to the community through a variety of charitable alliances.

Want to know more? Visit lokai’s website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

PS: My bracelet was a gift from a friend, which he bought online directly from their website , for around RM70-80. (Not sure about the actual price since it was a gift.) There is also an Instagram account, @23naket, selling it for RM105, check it out if you like. 🙂



Cheers! x



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