Big Hero 6 Review

I recently had the opportunity to catch the screening premiere of the latest animation, Big Hero 6, by Walt Disney thanks to IM4U! Special thanks to them for showing up at my college with loads of enthusiasm, freebies and entertainment. You guys should totally tune in to them on the radio @ 107.9fm! Or you can show your support by checking out their website tweet them or follow them on Instagram!

Personally, I am a huge fan of animation and I’m sure no matter how old we all are, there’s always a kid inside of us. This movie has manage to topple my ex-favorite movie, Frozen (people close to me will know how crazy I was over this movie), which proves how good it was! From the graphics and the subtle learning messages, everything was amazing. It was filled with emotions as during the movie, everyone was laughing to no end and at certain scenes, you could hear others sniffing and clearing their tears away.

Summary of Big Hero 6
Hiro Hamada, a prodigy in robot making and takes part in illegal robot fights. His brother, Tadashi, disapprove of it and introduces him to San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where there are other super geniuses like Hiro, creating the next innovation for the world to see. Tadashi then shows off his own invention, an inflatable medical robot, Baymax (Which looks like Michelin-Tire-Man). Hiro then wants to go to the institute and put his robotic skills to the test, however things went wrong and he has to face some trials with the help of Baymax and his new super genius friends from the institute.
Not spoiling much for those who haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, all this information can be seen from the trailer.
Do watch it if you have the chance. I highly recommend it! BTW, do not leave right after the movie, stay to watch the after credit scene. 

There are some key stuff which Big Hero 6 amazed me along with  some DYK (Did You Know) moments that I’d like to point out and share it with you guys.
1. Diversity
I thinks this ought to be the first time Disney had so many different blend of cultures and people in a movie. Starting with the place, San Fransoyko (a city mash-up created specifically for the film a.k.a doesn’t actually exist),  a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Hiro Hamada along with his other super genius friends represents a biracial characters. GoGo, one of Hiro’s friends, said this memorable line, “Dude, Woman Up!” Love how they also try to show girl power in the scene. Out of all of Hiro’s friends, GoGo was the strongest character. Super badass.
The family on the other hand represents blended families, where the Aunt is actually taking care of Hiro Hamada since he has been an orphan since a kid. It’s not a big deal to others but for some it’s a mirror for them to see themselves in. I like how Disney didn’t showed that Hiro have a perfect life with a perfect family. They showed struggles of how to adapt after losing someone or some struggles we may face as a teenager. Source
2. Caring 
We laugh, we cry, we fear and we love. That pretty much sums up everything up all of my emotions during the movie. When Hiro had to go through of losing someone, honestly that part hit me the most. It’s hard enough losing someone but losing someone close after you already experienced prior losses? There were a lot of scenes where I was glad Baymax was there to hug him. Honestly we all need a Baymax in our lives. Someone who wants to make sure that we are alright after a hurt. And right now if you think carefully, all these while, we had our very own Baymax in our lives. 
Close to the end of the movie, when Hiro was faced with a decision to save someone or to take shelter. He decided to save that person. What hit me the most was not just the fact that he willing to put others before him, he used the exact last words his brother said to him. Source
1. Big Hero 6 was a Marvel Comics property.
 Check out how different some of the characters look from when they first debut in 1998!
Aren’t you glad they made some changes to Baymaz. Now he’s all cute and cuddly. :’) Source
2. Baymax was based on real life inflatable robot research at Harvard
FYI Baymax, inflatable robot idea was inspired by a real life robotic experiment. When I stumble onto the article, I literally went OMG. Can’t wait for them to actually finalize their creation, guess the future is already here. Source
3. Hilarious cameos in big Hero 6
 Marvel’s editor, Stan Lee makes a cartoon cameo! He also appears in an after credit scene with Fred. 
 WALT DISNEY EVEN ADDED A CHARACTER FROM FROZEN! Hans from Frozen get’s a few seconds of cameo before getting blown up. Serves him right. Hahahahaha.
And who can forget the lovable pup from Bolt?
4. Voices of Big Hero 6
How similar they look to their character. Source
Damon Wayans Jr. as Wasabi
Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon
 Jamie Chung as GoGo Tomago
FYI she has a blog! Check it out!
 Ryan Potter as Hiro
Scott Adsit as Baymax 
Daniel Henney as Tadashi Hamada
Saved this for the last because I just found out that he acts in Korean Dramas! He was the lead role in Seducing Mr. Perfect. He was also in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I seriously hope he would be in more movies soon. He as good looking as he sounds. Hahahhaha. Tadashi is super good looking as well. but too bad he died. Oops. Spoiler. 
In a nut shell, Big Hero 6 is a heart-warming film whose characters struggle with real loss and sadness, and overcome hardship thanks to their amazing ability to build robots, lasers, zero-friction magnetic wheels and other ridiculously cool stuff. This is a movie I would watch over and over again, and I recommend it for all ages. 
FYI, HERE is another good review about Big Hero 6 written by Telegraph.
Go read if you’re not satisfied with mine.
Cheers! x

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