Why you care what society thinks of you

Have this thought ever crossed your mind? “Why the hell do I care about what people think about me?”

For reasons unknown to me, I use to almost always, worry about what people think about me. Whenever someone insults me, I take it really personally and all I do is think about that insult and see what I can do to change it. I have tried changing but it only lasts for so long because we always revert back to our old ways. The thing is, why do we “change” for this people? Why do we care about what they think about us? Does getting their approval on your personal self benefits you in anyway?

I have then come to the conclusion that most of us, wants to be liked and we are afraid to be alone. When we’re liked, we get more friends. We want to be an influence, we want to be cool, we want to fit in. Because if we don’t, we’ll have no friends, we won’t be accepted. If you have Instagram, do not tell me you have never cared about the number of likes you get for a damn nice picture you took 5000 hours to edit. Do not tell me, you have never hoped for someone to comment, “Woah, nice body!””So pretty/handsome/muscular/hot” “Wow” etc. Do not tell me you have never wanted to buy the outfit you saw another girl wear when she posted it on Insta. If you have twitter, do not tell me you never hope for favourites when you tweet something super deep or whatever. Do not tell me you have never cared about the number of followers you have, and tried to make yourself look like you have tons of followers by unfollowing more people. Do not tell me you have never tried to tweet something cool/deep/relatable on purpose just so you can get favourite and retweets.

Do not tell me those things have never occurred to you at least once because I’m damn sure it has. Seriously, think through it. If you are 205% sure that it has never occurred to you then you deserve a good pat on the back, which shows that you are not affected by the on going peer pressure on social media. But if it has happened to you before, well, join the club because I have done the same thing. Have you ever wondered why you did all those for? Yeah, so you can get more likes? So? What happens then? Did you enter a competition for “most likes award” that you didn’t know about?
So what if you have 10000 likes and 92357362  followers? Does it make you cool or socially acceptable? Okay, maybe yes in the virtual world but in real life? Nobody’s going to remember you as “She’s the girl with 382673625783 followers on instagram” or “He’s the guy who got 5373287362738 comments on his picture!” In the end, no one is going to give a damn about your virtual life.

Yes, I get that most of you all want to be liked. Hell, even I want to be liked too, who doesn’t? We think those likes are so important because of peer pressure. Another example, the ice bucket challenge. How many of you actually did it MAINLY for the cause and not because all your friends are doing it? And you feel that you should do it too? Just ’cause your best friend has thousands of followers, you feel the need to have just as many followers because you do not want to be less popular than she is. Just ’cause your bros go to the gym, that does not mean you have to just because you do not want to be “less buff” than he is. Then you all feel the need to post it up on Insta/Twitter wherever because you feel the need to be socially active. You feel the need to show off.  Right there, you are already affected by peer pressure.

We live in our virtual world too often until we forget about the real world. When you use your phone and no one’s replying you, where do you go? Twitter then Instagram then SnapChat then Tumblr but when you’re done? You repeat the whole cycle again, you refresh your twitter timeline repeatedly, hoping a tweet pops out. Do you realize how dependent we are on them? We feel the need to maintain a good reputation on our social networking accounts so much,we forget about our own reputation in real life. We are pressured to do all these things, most of the time unconsciously and social media is the biggest contributor to peer pressure (I did my research). Yes, apps like Twitter and Insta are very innocent apps at the beginning, but now it has been turned into like a guidebook on how you should be to be cool and fit in. But it honestly makes you stoop so low just to meet people’s standards.

Try challenging yourself. Remove Twitter and Instagram for a week. When you say you can do it, you don’t realize subconsciously, you can’t. It takes a certain amount of time to slowly let go of something that you’re attached to. Sounds familiar? That’s right. I’m talking about the time spent crying and mourning over your ex.

I know I may sound like a total hypocrite but I’m distancing myself from it. Not saying I am cutting myself off completely, because I don’t think I can do that either, but I’m learning to use more of my time on things in the real world. Like right now, I’m using my time to study for my finals next week. Yay me! And after that, its off to travel the world with the family. 

So think about how social media is playing a (huge) part in your lives. Think about the last time you made a mean comment about someone just because they tweeted something you thought was slutty. Or calling someone a bitch because they unfollowed you. Just think about it. Find a corner, sit quietly, and think. 

PS: As I had mention above, finals are next week (cries) so this will be my last post for a week or so. And to those who continuously read my blog, thank you. Mwas. Much love. 🙂 Have a great week!

Cheers! x


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