Hop Hop Cafe

Heyyo! What a day.

Had a superb one. Started off with one paper today, Anthropology. Did my paper with uncontrollable happiness. Happiness overload! Do you know the feeling where you could just answer every question (okay fine, minus one or two) and deep down inside you, you just know that its the right answer? Yeah. Anthro was exactly like that.

Moving on to the main topic, had an impromptu mini adventure to Hop Hop Cafe in SS18!


Okay, if you have a soft spot for bunnies, this is the place for you, just like it was for me. :’) When I first entered, I was literally overwhelmed with excitement. I’ve been wanting to come here ever since I heard about it so special thanks to Fiona and Brian. 🙂

 The interior is kept simple on the inside, with cement flooring and a brick coffee bar. The bunny living quarters is separated from the dining area by glass windows, fully carpeted with artificial grass.

There are designated time for these bunnies to take some nap from the long hours of entertaining guests. Resting time for these bunnies are 12 – 1 pm, 3 – 4 pm, and 6 – 7 pm. Thus, let these adorables rest during these hours and take the time to munch on some Hop Hop Cafe’s servings.

Also if you’re good at art, draw them some artwork and it just might get displayed!

Hop Hop Cafe is an animal friendly cafe, which means not only bunnies are welcomed here! Patrons are allowed to bring their pets here to hangout with other canine or feline friends in the animal visiting zone, located at the entrance of the cafe.

So take a day off one day, bring your own pet if you have any, and drop by for an amazing experience!


Unfortunately, me and my mates were short on time so we didn’t get to try the food. So this gives me an excuse to go back there. But hey, we don’t need an excuse to go there now, do we?

Hop Hop Cafe

7, Jalan SS18/6,

47500 Subang Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Tel: +6 03-7731 1400

Email: smile@thegrumpycyclist.com

Facebook: @Hop Hop Cafe

Instagram: #hophopcafe

Operating Hours:

Monday – Thursday : 10.00 am ~ 10.00 pm

Friday – Saturday : 10.00 am ~ 11.00 pm

Sunday : 10.00 am ~ 10.00 pm

I hope you guys had a great day too. 🙂 That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Goodnights. x

PS: If you go into the rabbit area, don’t let them chew any or your belongings! My purse almost disappeared down a bunny’s throat. Exaggeration level 99 but you know what I mean. 


yours truly,


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