Happiness is a choice


Isn’t being happy a really good feeling?

When you’re happy, everything in life seems to be going your way. You got good results on that midterm test you did, that long or short silly talk with someone you love, getting to eat your favorite food or even satisfying your cravings.

But I’ve noticed many around aren’t happy. Yeah it’s pretty normal to be sad but to be sad all the time? Now there’s something wrong. We all have to have balance in life, we would not know joy if we know no pain, yes? We’ll have our ups and downs, good and bad. Many say they cannot find happiness again, and I admit, I have said that before. I thought I could never be as happy as I used to be while I was going through something but in the end, I proved myself wrong. And now I’m as happy as ever with my life. :)To be honest, even if something doesn’t seem to be going right in your life now, look at the bright side of it. Be positive. If you think happy thoughts, you’ll automatically be happy. You yourself. Not me, not him, not her, YOU. 

If you find it hard to be a positive in life, start probing every aspect of your life. What is it that is causing you to be like this? Is it the people you surround yourself with? Is someone demotivating you instead of motivating you? Cut loose of things or people that is bringing you down. In life, you should never go any where but up. Up to reach your goals, up to a better future. A true friend will give you good advise when you are blinded by something bad. Treasure those people and return their good deeds.  Because if true friends really care about you, they’ll want what’s best for you, they’ll want you to be happy, they’ll want you to succeed. 

If you can get sad, why is it not possible to get out of it? It is possible. You can choose to be happy, (hence the title) if that’s what you want. For example, you’re sad in a relationship, you don’t feel happy so what do you do? You get out of the relationship. You’ll then realise how light you feel because the burden’s taken off you. At the end of it, it’s your decision whether you wanna be sad and stay in the relationship or leave and go search for your happiness. Yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds but I can say it’s pretty much worth it you know, being happy again. You can’t be sad forever, at some point you have to snap out of that depressing bubble and really live your life.

I guess maybe that’s why people commit suicide. People don’t think about searching for their happiness again, they think they’re gonna be sad forever so they think, “might as well leave this place”. I believe that everyone out there can be happy, whether is watching a little boy chase a butterfly, or just writing a blog, or working. I guess people come up with excuses because trying to be happy again takes effort and time so people take the easy way, just stay in their pool of tears. Your friends can help and all, hell, I can give your the best therapist in the world to help you get out of your sadness but if you don’t wanna be happy, nothing can help you. You need the will to be happy. You need to WANT to be happy again.

In the end, it’s really up to you whether you want to search for your happiness again. Do you want to be sad the rest of your life? Well if you do, then.. I guess it’s up to you but I guess everyone deep down wants to be happy. I think everyone deserves to be happy in their life. Being happy is a really nice feeling, it’s worth all the time and effort honestly. You should give it a try sometimes, sad little ones. There’s not enough time to be sad in the world, so might as well use the time you have left to be happy (:

Start by smiling. 🙂

Cheers! x


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