Big Bad Wolf 2014

Are you a book fanatic like me? Then I’m 100% sure you’ve heard of this book wonderland. 

Held annually, this is the biggest book sale ever to be organized by Bookxcess, a bookshop in Amcorp Mall (which was the first venue of Big Bad Wolf in history! I was there. 😉 ) This year, the sale started on the 5th of December @ MIECC, The Mines, but some people got preview passes so they got dibs on the best books ahead of everyone else. There’s every type of book that you can conceive of; from reference books on design/architecture to history books and every type of fictional and non-fictional novels. I went there on the today, 7th and I bought 5 Hardcovers, 4 paperbacks for a cheapass total of RM61! For normal book prices, a RM61 can get you a max of only 2 paperbacks. Tsktsk. Smh. 

My haul of the day. (Bottom 5 are hardcovers, top 4 paperbacks)

So I spent a total of, 3 hours checking out books and it is tiring. But never fear, there are loads of awesome food, one floor above!


I had a frozen yogurt ice cream at this stall for RM3. Totally mouth-watering. 

There’s also mini carnival and a carousel for kids!

Was going up the escalator when I notice the guy in front of me, had a tail. Wolf in disguise? Haha.

Upon payment for books, you’ll be given a super cool looking bookmark!

After the checkouts, a small bazaar is held outside for various posters and other stuff (stationary, badges etc)

Few eye catching posters. (Okay? Okay.)

One of my absolute favorites. 

If you spend above RM100, don’t forget to collect a RM5 discount voucher from the Digi counter outside. You have to provide a Digi number before collecting. 🙂

Overall, it was awesome. The books will be able to occupy my time for awhile. Wiah I could go back for a second of third round but sadly, I don’t have the time as I am traveling soon. If you’re interested in getting books from the sale don’t fret! It’s still on until the 16th of December 2014. And it’s open 24 hours! For more details check out the Big Bad Wolf website and facebook page:


Till next time..


Yours truly,



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