There shouldn’t be a good in goodbye

“Flames to dust,
lovers to friends,
why do all good things come to an end?”
2015 is 12 days away. Are you ready to say goodbye to 2014?
We are about to close yet another book in our life series. I have said goodbye to several things this year. One of my favorite TV shows I watched for months, was discontinued. Another, most of my friends in college were leaving as they were graduating next year.  Someone I started to love had to end too. Yet none of them hurt as much as the closing another chapter of my life.

I know I have some nice memories from 2014. There are some bad too, of course. But it really sucks when life only becomes a bunch of memories and regrets. I should have studied harder. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with wrong people. I should have taken more risks. I should have been less shy. I shouldn’t have made so many mistakes. I should have made more memories. The good ones. So don’t let yourself catch onto those thoughts. Yeah, I do have a few regrets, here and there, but overall 2014 was a great year for me.

It’s funny that we want to grow up so bad, only to realize how wrong we were. Somehow I feel ready, and at the same time not ready, to enter the world of adults. I’ll be nineteen next year. And it’s going to be my last year with a number that has a ‘teen’ in it. It’s scary, and I don’t like it.

There’s hell in hello & there’s good in goodbye. that’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of goodbye but careful with the hello

Do you think that’s true? Yet there’s hell in hello, good in goodbye, lie in believe, over in lover, end in friend, ex in next, and if in life.

These are the challenges in life that we all must face. So let’s greet 2015 heads on.


yours truly, k


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