Book 2014; Page 365 of 365

So are you ready to say goodbye to 2014? Even if you’re not, brace yourself because it’ll be leaving anyways. 

I can’t wait for 2015. Who doesn’t like to start fresh? Everything that happened here in 2014, I’ll gladly be leaving it behind for new things in 2015. It’s already 31st of December 2014. What have I been doing for the whole 2014? It’s like everything just went by in a snap. For me 2014, was not that great or not that bad but of course I have made great memories with great people and there are moments that I will never forget. Just wanna thank those who made my year so memorable! Thank you all! Love you to bits as always. ❤

It’s officially a New Year when the clock strikes 12am tonight, a whole new year to go through again. New moments, new experiences, new memories. Every year, people say “It’s a new year, a new me” or people talk about change in their life, changes in them etc and other people say “Why not change now? Why must you wait for 2014” and things like that. Well, to me, it’s like there will be a starting point for you. Yeah it’s true that you don’t need to wait for a new year to begin again but it’s entirely up to you on how you wanna see it. Any day and anytime can always be a new beginning, it’s whether you’re willing to start a new beginning for yourself. I have plans that I’ve made for the year 2015 and I can always start now instead of waiting but I choose the beginning of 2015 as my starting point so I can have time to prepare for it. This is how it works for me but really, it’s up to you. Everyday, every minute, every moment is always available for a new beginning, remember that. You just need to make your first move and one thing will lead to another.

Hopefully, 2015 will be a good year but what’s life without up’s and down’s right? It would be extremely boring. It’s like a rollercoaster going straight all the time, that kinda ride sucks. You can hope that every year is a good year but there will always be something that will pull you down for sure, so don’t hope to be happy throughout the 365days of 2015. Plus that’s really creepy. It’s just so wrong to be happy all the time, 24/7. Just isn’t natural. Anyway, I have no idea what I’m expecting for the coming year. I seriously have no idea at all, I’ll have a lot of things going on though but I hope for the best. If things happen, it happens. I’m just gonna go along with it like how I did for all my years. Just make the best out of everything and try your best not to take things or people for granted because that’s what 2014 has taught me and I wanna apply this lesson to my new year. All of you should too! Try to put on a positive mindset, it really helps you to be a better person as it has already done for me but of course, always try to be better than who you already are. It’s a new year and a fresh start so just plan things out and write your resolutions maybe for motivation and inspiration.

I know it’s not 12AM yet but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I wish you all all the best for 2015 (: Can’t wait to party tonightttt!

yours truly, k


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