Relationship Goals

Sometimes we create our own idea about something. For an instance, love. There are so many couples around showing their cute and adorable sides that we end up wanting a relationship just because of it. Has it ever occurred to you that couples don’t post pictures of their arguments or videos of their screaming and crying? Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. 

It’s not about the number of roses he sends
It’s not about the surprises he plans or
the size of the teddy bear he buys or
how grand the restaurant must be to celebrate your
2nd anniversary.

We’ve been deceived by a made up theory of
how love is supposed to be.
That love is suppose to be about candle-lit dinners,
taking a lovely evening stroll, kisses and hugs and
darling i love you.

Oh bless these unexperienced lovers
who only know the surface of love and not what lies beneath it all.

You know what love is?

Love can make you feel like you’re the loneliest person
in the world.
It makes you cry endlessly.
It makes you wish that love would never exist.
Love can slap you right across the face and mock you,
screaming its lungs out to you that you’ve been fucking played.
Love can drive a knife deep through your heart.
Love is a poison,
that can slowly suffocate you
and kill you from the inside out.
Love will make you punch walls until your knuckles
It can be the heaviest burden you will ever carry and its breaks every part of you.
kill you.

But that’s not all.

Love can make you move mountains,
Love can be a cure,
Love makes you feel as though you have the ability to fly
all the way up where the stars smile back you.
Love can make your heart beat like mad
You can feel the blood rushing into your cheeks
and you giggle to yourself like a little child when you think of
all those moments when love,
were the reasons.
Love just spreads warmth throughout your body,
and you glow so brightly.
Love, goddamnit, it’s just so indescribable sometimes
it can drive you fucking nuts!

Love can be a curse or a gift.
It’s up to one
to decide which one it will be.
It requires sacrifice and time and effort.
It may sound very much like a burden but in the end,
all of it will be worth it
because, all in all,
nothing worth having comes easy.

Living in this 20th century, love has more than often, become an idea. Set your own goals with your own partner about your own relationship. It shouldn’t be based on anyone else but the both, you and your partner. Be someone else’s goals instead. 😉

yours truly, k


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