Beauty in disguise

She was a beauty in disguise. The kind of pretty that you had to double glance at. Her eyes were the night that poets talk about. And each crack in her swollen lips was an art form you couldn’t figure out. The curves in her body captivated you with each greedy look you took but beauty went farther than the skin. She had jungles and forest in her mind. Flowers bloomed from her body and trees thrived from her laugh. And my maybe it was out of blindness or the need of possessing something but I watched as you picked each flower from her and made droughts in her mind. Killing of the best parts of her one by one. The leaves fell soon after she did and the trees never swayed the same. Her eyes grew dim with misguided insecurities from a boy who wanted more of something that ran out. And soon enough he drained her out and soon the forest turned to graveyards and the flowers wilted away.


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