Hitting the reset button; Renew, Refresh, Reset


Sometimes we just need a fresh start. Whether it’s in our career, our relationship, or even just our day. I know how overwhelming life can get; could be the people around you or your work. When this happens, often the best solution is to hit the reset button.

It could be after a difficult conversation. Or it could be after a disappointment or a painful experience. Or even when we’re being hard on ourselves, either for something we haven’t yet done (that we said we’d do) or something we wish we had done differently (or, wish we hadn’t done at all).

“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life”

You don’t have to wait years for your view of the world or in particular the view of your world to change. Every day is an opportunity for you to learn something new; whether that something new is about yourself, the people in your life or acquiring new knowledge. What we do with the new knowledge we acquire on a regular basis determines if our view or perspective will change or if it will remain the same.  When I learn something new that causes a change in my perspective in any area of my life and make a decision to make changes in my life I call that process hitting the reset button.

Resetting is making a conscious decision to alter our mental or emotional state into one of love, gratitude, peace, or calm. Or it can be engaging in an activity that leads to a shift–taking a walk, doing a short meditation, practicing yoga, or getting a brief change of scenery. Other times, it’s being grateful in the moment for the things that are going well. Doing so can cause our attitude, perspective, or outlook to shift. Our mood can shift. The rest of our day, week, or month, or even life can shift.

Sometimes, all it takes to have a different experience is to hit the reset button.


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