You like the players, I like the game

Hey hey, you you.

My personal blog seems so dead. Hahahhaaha. Well, I do have something I want to say aka rant about so YAY. Here goes nothing.

I love Saturdays, I really do. One of the main reasons for this is because I get to play my favorite sport, Captainball. If you don’t know what that is, you may go Google it and learn something new today. No, it is not a girly sport, the guys who play this game will kick your ass if you say that. Hah!

Anyways, something bothered me on the field today, hence this post. Please take note, no names will be mentioned but if you can guess them, then good for you. If not, don’t come asking me either. I just need to vent some of my frustration through something I know best; writing. 

I don’t know how it is to other people, but to me, if we’re playing a game or a sport, it takes teamwork. (Unless its an individual sport, it doesn’t count.) And in a team, every single one of your team mate is your friend. They’re on your side, for god’s sake. So there’s no “best friend” on a team. You don’t favor someone against the others. You don’t constantly give that someone the ball even though they’re being so tightly guarded and your other teammates are open as the sky. That, is not what teamwork is about.

Also, when someone makes a mistake, for instance; your teammate overshot and threw the ball further than expected, As if you mocking her/his mistake isn’t enough but when your “best friend” on the field does it, you just keep quiet or laugh, brushing it off. The double standards really shows what kind of sportsmanship you display. Even as a friend, who does that?

If you’re going to defend this person saying maybe the “best friend” he/she was favoring, is a superb player, sorry to disappoint but no. Anyone can shoot, throw and catch a ball. But really proves that you’re a good player is when you go all out with enthusiasm, determination & consistency.

Okay I think I’m done. I don’t see the point of writing an extremely long post for some idiot. And I can’t be bothered to use really fancy English words, in case you were wondering.

Bye now.

yours truly,


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