Insecurity is everyone’s weakness

Well recently, I realize its pretty easy to manipulate a girl’s self-esteem. If they come across pictures of really stunning and slim girls, you know the usual reaction is, damn, I wanna be like her. I admit right now that I have been through that. I’ll be thinking, she’s beautiful, creative, slim, smart, talented, her fashion sense, she’s cool and the list goes on and on. I would even reach a point where I’d daydream about what it’d be like to be her.

There’s a fine line between trying to be exactly like someone and using them as an inspiration or motivation. These are two different things and some people go beyond that. Sooner or later, I realized how that wrong was. Maybe not wrong but, we try too hard to be like someone else but we most likely will never be. No matter how hard we try to be someone else, in the end, we still end up being ourselves. We cannot change who we are and you can’t pretend to be someone else forever. You should be surrounded by people who will love and appreciate you for you and not because you were trying to be like another guy/girl. It’s in you and if you’re like that, you are like that. Everyone is different in every way and we cannot escape that. We cannot change but we can improve on who we are. There will always be room for improvement.

So if you see someone you wanna be like, don’t try to be exactly like them. Make them your inspiration to become a better person and not demotivate you. I figure that’s one of the things people mistake for. Don’t let anyone or anything demotivate you or change who you are. That’s just not healthy. Each of us has something that everyone wants but we can’t have everything, can we? We are all blessed with something good. Well, unless you are a homeless person but then how did you end up at my blog anyway?ha ha ha. lame. But if you feel like you aren’t blessed with something then that is where you are wrong. You just don’t know how to see the more positive and brighter side of things.

So, ladies and gentleman, I’ve learnt my lesson. Have you learnt yours? Don’t try so hard to be like someone else because we’ll end up reverting back to our original self. Be yourself and if other people can’t accept you for you then screw them. Why would you want to be surrounded by people who wouldn’t love you for you anyway. Be yourself but a good one, not a bad one. I hope you all understand what I’m saying.

Yes, everyone has insecurities, even people with huge ass egos. We all have a part of us we don’t like, or we get teased about it and stuff. Then maybe we start complaining to our loved ones, or friends or whoever you tell your shit to. I do complain about my insecurities now and then and I’m still not over it. Not completely anyways. It’s freaking hard to get over your insecurity, I understand but you cannot let it consume you. Let’s say if I were to complain to my friend about my insecurities everyday, it get’s annoying doesn’t it? My friend will try to console me, I feel better but then I revert back to complaining about it again. At the end of the day, it is NOT your insecurity that will push your friend away but you COMPLAINING about it will be the one pushing them away. Because your friend can’t take your whining shit anymore, that’s why. Think about it, if your friend didn’t like your insecurity, he/she wouldn’t even be with/friends you in the first place, amen? Amen. He/She would probably love your insecurity the most. So there, that’s one reason for you to stop complaining about it.

How about maybe that one insecurity defines you. Maybe that’s not how you define yourself but maybe other people do and it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing right? Maybe other people will like your insecurity, maybe that’s their favorite part of you. You never know. One day, there will be someone you will love you for you, yes you, your imperfections, flaws, insecurities etc etc. You come in a package, and if they refuse to accept any part of you then that’s their loss.

We all want something we don’t have. That’s life. We can’t have everything can we? Well, even if we do have everything we want, do you think we’ll be permanently happy? No, right? See? There’s always a part of you, you can be happy about. Don’t say you don’t have because that is a big ass lie. I’m learning how to slowly get over it myself and complain less about it. Accept compliments. It’s okay to be insecure, it’s what makes us human. I guess many people think it’s wrong to have insecurities, well, it’s not. It makes you, you. Don’t ever forget. 

Now give your self-esteem a +1! 😉

Thank you for reading you kind soul. Bless you. *Sprinkles holy water*
I’m sorry, a little hyped up now hahhahahah. 

yours truly,


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