Rules of Love; Recognize The Signs

So recently, I stumbled across a book called Rules of Love by Richard Templar. I know this should be in books category but there’s something I want to point out. In this book, there are basically rules of relationships, or when you’re looking for someone to be in a relationship etc. It’s not rules that the author came up with but like he says in the books, they are more of reminders. They are things that we tend to forget when we are in a relationship and I agree to everything he says so far. 

Also, because Valentine’s Day is around the corner and guys always seem to show extreme affection of love towards their partners only on the 14th of February. What happened to the rest of the 364 days? Not special enough to show love? Pfft. Please, everyday should be a special one because you have him/her to spend the days with. 

Anyways, in the book, Rule #26 says “Recognize the Signs“. What does this mean?

He gives this scenario about this couple. The lady says things like, “Oh he doesn’t show me that he loves me enough.” Then the guy replies, “No I do, how about the coffee I make for you every morning? What about that time I washed your car?” She replies, “That’s not romantic, those are just favors” He then replies, “Why the hell do you think do I do it for?”

Do you realize what this scenario is trying to say? The scenario above may be a bit sexist but don’t worry girls, I’ll even it out. Let’s start with the females shall we?

Okay, females, let me get something straight. Your man does not need to buy you flowers or chocolates or do something romantic for you at random times to show that he loves you. Just cause he does not do all these things, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you right? Maybe the little things he does like, walking you back from class, taking your bag for you (without you asking him to), helping you with something (again, without you asking), letting you vent out your moodiness on them especially when you’re on your period etc. You need to realize that maybe through all these things he does, it’s his own way of showing you love. Don’t expect him to constantly get you flowers and whatever okay? Okay la, guys, you should maybe do that once in a blue moon because it can really melt a girl’s heart but anyway, girls, appreciate all these little things alright? It is just a reminder to all of you ladies that, getting romantic surprises isn’t the only way love can be shown.

Okay males, spotlight’s on you now. Honestly, when your girl goes out with you, you know how sometimes she takes awhile to get dress and shit then you complain, “Why is she taking so freaking long”, complain, complain, complain. Have you ever thought for a second that she’s purposely dressing up for you? She wants to look good for you, impress you, be sexy for you or whatever. She’s putting effort into her dressing (because to us girls it’s just more important to us then to guys) because of you, maybe that tinge of lipstick might attract your attention. Maybe she’s trying to be slim for you so that you can be proud of her when you walk hand-in-hand with her yes? You may think, “Oh baby, you don’t need to do all of that. I love you for who you are” blah, blah, blah. True, but I guess she’s just using one of the ways to show you that she loves you and all. So guys, maybe compliment her sometimes and she’ll be happy that you notice.

Y,a’ll get the point now? Your partner does not need to tell you that he/she loves you 500 times a day, and yeah guys, please for the love of God, do not overuse that word. People are throwing the word around and it’s already losing it’s meaning. Instead of complaining, we should be grateful for the little things they do for you. They do it because they love you, am I right? If not why the hell would they put in effort? Exactly. It may also be the littlest things they do, to show that they love you.

With love, k



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