I once loved a boy. He was beautiful, really – one of a kind. He made life feel like home; he made life feel like an adventure. He had big dreams and the silliest ideas. He was wonderful and when you meet someone like that, you’d never want to see them go.

But he did.

I met a new low. I was sad and angry and disappointed and frustrated. I was filled with emotions and empty at the very same time. I couldn’t help but wish he was still around.

Every day I remember watching him sail into the horizon, and wishing him a safe journey. He’s embarked on a new adventure, and I just knew that he’s going to be great.

But me? I spent my days crying. I wrote a lot and I missed him even more. He was on my mind and that kept me going. His absence fueled my creativity and it was beautiful. It was painful, but it was beautiful. Because I had never created art with so much meaning, before having lost him.

And so I say, someday you’ll meet somebody who brings out the worst in you. But remember them, for they will also bring out the best.

with love, k


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