See the good in others.

Hiya peeps,

So recently, I had a ‘fight’ with one of my mates. Until now, we aren’t even talking. I guess it was sort of a misunderstanding as both of us were stressed out at that moment when it happened, especially if you are more emotional than usual, we tend to think irrationally and do or say things we normally wouldn’t do or say when we’re sane. And we both kinda blurted out hurtful things to each other and honestly, it made me think the worst of my mate cause I’d never expected such things to be said from them. I guess this is where the saying, ‘expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.’, comes in.

Anyways, my point is sometimes we tend to be overly straight forward that we wouldn’t realize we’re hurting someone till it’s too late. Or we purposely pick out their flaws only to throw it back to their face. I think a lot of us out there tend to do this. Instead of seeing the good in others, we always pick out their “flaws” or not so good things. But on the other hand, we want so badly for others to see the good in us as well. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Again, things like that is a cycle. You want people to see the good side of you, you should see the good in others as well. As the saying goes, ‘If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’, right? If in your head, you wanna mention a sensitive issue, you’re thinking “Should I mention it or nah because they might get hurt?”. That’s when you know you shouldn’t mention it. Why take the risk of hurting them? Just keep it to yourself, yes?

Basically, I think we should all fight hard to start seeing the good in people first. Yes, sometimes it’s very hard I know, especially the people you do not like. If you really have nothing good to point out, just keep quiet and ignore them, Hahhahahah. But yeah, always try to see the good side in others. We humans are all damn screwed up, I think we should really try to make it a better place so we all can live with less assholes in this world. I always try my hardest to do kind to people especially strangers because when someone does good to you, there is a chance of them paying that kindness forward. If more and more people pass on this kindness, we can live more peacefully and this world WILL be a better and SAFER (the caps lock to emphasize on our world’s current state of security) You don’t lose anything to be kind and say nice things right? Give it a try, it makes you feel a whole lot better too 🙂

Have a great weekend guys & its still CNY so Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating it. Get loads of ang paos ya! 😀

with love, k


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