The 5 Times We Put Fears in Place of Emotions.

So many things in life are labeled strange, abnormal or scary. Would we look at things the way we do if society hadn’t marked them that way? Or are our fears just our mental insecurities, manifesting themselves into things we’ve been told are acceptable?

1. Ghosts. We breathe easy knowing we’re in the safety of our own home. Confined within walls, behind a deadbolt, with 9-1-1 on speed dial. Ghosts take that security and leave us helpless. To be in the presence of a ghost is the all too familiar feeling of being trapped within ourselves, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The mere idea of being powerless, is enough to break us down.

2. Spiders. (my kind of nightmare)
Although many spiders are less dangerous then a bear, we’re quicker to scream, “ew”, than “aw”.  We fear the unknown and we hate the idea of living amongst something so different then us. It’s not surprising that we hate spiders, as we’re guilty of looking at everyone ‘different’ then us as though they have eight legs.

3. Needles. We hate sitting in the doctor’s office. Tapping our foot and waiting for a nurse to register our flu shot. Just before the needle goes in, we grow anxious. We wait for the sting, knowing it’s coming and knowing it’s not worth the stress. We torture ourselves in the final seconds as anticipation has the ability to be one of our most agonizing experiences.

4. Heights. With heights comes trust. We have to trust that we won’t fall, we won’t lose our step, we won’t end up victim to a push. The idea of our fate being out of our control is unacceptable. The idea of making a mistake or a misstep that ends in more then a scrapped knee is overwhelming. One of our greatest comforts in life is knowing there’s a way to get back up after a fall.

5. Dark. Nothing tightens our breath or sends chills down our spine like the idea of walking through a dark forest, alone. We know it’s full of trees and timid squirrels, but we know that’s beneath the sunlight. The night tells a different story. The night is dark, and quiet, and unknown. We hate when we have to trust that there’s nothing looking to harm us for we know very well, there are times when the strength of our mind and the strength of our legs, simply won’t be enough.

Hiheyhohello, people who are actually reading this.
Sometimes it dumbfounds me that people
actually read what I write.
Or maybe they don’t.
Oh wells, their lost. 😉
Had a pretty busy busy week.
Dying for a breakkkk.
Have a great weekend guys!

yours truly,


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