Step by step survival guide to Big Bad Wolf (#BBWBoxSaleKL) @bigbadwolfbooks

For any book lover and bibliophile, this event is all too tempting! Touted as “The Biggest Book Sale in the World”, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015 promised to be more exciting than the previous ones! Deals at “75-95% off RRP” also set many eyes gleaming and hearts palpitating with adrenaline and anticipation! I WENT… Continue reading Step by step survival guide to Big Bad Wolf (#BBWBoxSaleKL) @bigbadwolfbooks

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2015 Must Watch Movies

*click on movie title to watch trailer* San Andreas  [29 May 2015] A sequel or prequel to 2012? Insidious Chapter 3  [4 June 2015] The 3rd installment of the infamous Insidious franchise. It’s a prequel to the first film. Sadly, not my cup of tea. So don’t expect a review for this. Jurassic World  [11 June… Continue reading 2015 Must Watch Movies


Tomorrowland [2015]

Rating: 7 out of 10 Release date: 22 May 2015 Cast: Directed by Brad Bird Britt Robertson as Casey Newton George Clooney as Frank Walker Kathryn Hahn as Ursula Raffey Cassidy as Athena Hugh Laurie as David Nix Keegan-Michael Key as Hugo Tim McGraw as Casey’s Dad Pierce Gagnon as Nate Raffey Cassidy Lochlyn Munro… Continue reading Tomorrowland [2015]


VCR Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

I wish I could say I was driving up and down the roads of KL, when I stumbled across this beau. Sadly, no, no dramatic story. Just a typical one. Spontaneous suggestion by my girlfriend, Mimi, we (more like me) drove all the way to KL just to have brunch at this cafe. But, three words: … Continue reading VCR Cafe, Kuala Lumpur