Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome

Have you ever think about it? What is it about Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome? Why isn’t it Mr Average Height, Blonde and OK Looking?

Well, it’s no rocket science. Women like feeling protected. Who’s more likely to provide that? Someone taller and stronger than them. The darkness is just a bonus, an added sultriness and hint of danger – one you don’t want to be protected from.

Look at Hugh Jackman. I suspect he’s many women’s biggest fantasy and I’ll tell you why. For starters, he fits the classic description mentioned above: He’s tall (6’2″ – officially), he’s ruggedly handsome, he’s dark and he’s got a physique to (let’s face it) die for.

But that’s not all. It’s not even necessarily it.

Sure, it helps that he looks like an Adonis, but that’s not necessarily the reason why women all over the world find him so incredibly appealing. See, Hugh Jackman has a sensitive side. That’s right. He sings, he does musicals, he’s an all-round-entertainer – and he gives the impression of being a bit of a softie somewhere behind that hard exterior. He’s hot and sensitive.

The point is, desire supports crazy fantasies. Like meeting Hugh whilst buying apples in a local supermarket; you see him, he sees you, you drop an apple, he helps you pick it up, your eyes meet and suddenly he’s pulling you through the shop, out onto the street, and starts dancing with you in the rain. Whether that’s how it would actually go is irrelevant.

But not all hot men are as I explained them to be, just like not all blondes are dumb.

You’re not dating a face, you’re dating a guy. The guy. As easy as it is for me to say, you’ve got to look past looks. Looks fade. And really, so many things are so much sexier than looks.I’m not even talking about a jaw dropping, six rock hard abs or extremely solid, buffed up biceps or triceps. What about intellect? I actually find witty guys extremely attractive.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Can you sit alone in the dark and talk with him for hours?
2. Could you spend 3 weeks stranded with him on an island? It’s not just about the sweet private moments with him. Reality is, after 3 weeks without showers.. not so sexy.
3. Do you like to be with him as a person?
4. Does he make you feel good about yourself? Even when you’re down with a running nose, constantly leaking snot, dressed in sweatpants, looking worst than you’ve been. Would you be embarrassed if he sees you in that state?
5. Does he inspire you to be a better person?
6. Do you look up to him and respect him? Or are you just in awe of his Adonis body and cut to perfect face?

So girls, how deep is your love, really? Because just skin deep is pretty shallow, gotta say.

signing off, kim. x


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