Step by step survival guide to Big Bad Wolf (#BBWBoxSaleKL) @bigbadwolfbooks

For any book lover and bibliophile, this event is all too tempting! Touted as “The Biggest Book Sale in the World”, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015 promised to be more exciting than the previous ones! Deals at “75-95% off RRP” also set many eyes gleaming and hearts palpitating with adrenaline and anticipation!

I WENT TO THE BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALE TODAY! (you know how excited I am when you see SHOUTY CAPITALS)
Anyways, you must be wondering how I bought books. The techniques, the process, the intention. Oh, you weren’t wondering about that? Well since you’re reading, I’ll tell you anyway. With the sale ending on the 7th of June, I hope these tips help you get the most out of your time there. 

Step #1: Get your ass to Mines 2.



This year, the sale is held at Mines 2. If you don’t know how to get there, just use Waze. Don’t give anymore excuses. And it’s no longer open for 24 hours. On weekdays it’s 11Am-10PM and weekends 10AM-10PM.


Step #2: How to buy my books? What are these boxes I keep hearing about?

But unlike the past years, this time you are required to buy a BBW box, either the RM79.90 or RM99.90. The good news is, you are allowed to put in as many books as you want, into the box which you have bought, provided that the box is able to close, with the flaps touching or almost touching each other. What the boxes look like and the sizes are in the images below. Average number of box that can fill up the RM99.90 box would be around 30-40 books depending on your book sizes and the way you arrange them.



Step #3: Focus, nut not too much.

List out the genres you’d want to visit first. For example, my priority was the Young Adults section followed by Romance, Sci-fiction, and so on. Look out for the signs that have your preference on it, but note that some of the tables don’t have signs. Also, spend time to quickly browse through other categories too. You may unexpectedly find a book to your liking.


Step #4: Put every book you want into your basket. Even 50/50 ones.

Put the books that you conlanfirm want to buy into a basket. even if you are unsure whether of a certain book, just take it. You can always put it back if it turns out that you don’t want it after all. Once you’re done exploring every nook and cranny, it’s time to settle down.

Step #5: Filter.

When you’re done scouting, find a nice spot, settle down, and bring out your mobile device. It better be equipped with data because you’re going to do a lot of research in a short period. Not sure if WiFi is provided there though. Filter by searching for reviews of every book you’re thinking of buying. I like to use Goodreads. Just type in your book title and browse through a few reviews. The book rating helps too! Usually, I wouldn’t get any book below a 3.5 rating. I also try not to get incomplete series from BBW but the choice is yours.

Step #6: Get rid of the rubbish, keep the winners.

Narrow down your choices to the ones with the best reviews and ratings. By now, you should have a good pile of good books. Now, collect the best ones.

Step #7: Should/Want?

Should and want are not the same. Take each book, look at it, and decide without overthinking whether you want to or should read this book. Want, makes it easier for you to finish a book. Should, drags it and makes you realise that you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

What’s the first thing that came up in your mind? I should read it? I want to read it?

The answer should always be ‘I want to read it’.


Other things to consider:

*When I went this morning, there weren’t trolleys so I was lugging my box up and down. Plain tiring. But I saw an update on BBW’s Twitter, they now have trolleys! My advise? GET. A TROLLEY. Or it’s upper body workout day, for sure.


*Bring snacks to keep you going throughout the day, and water to rehydrate. It sounds like you’re gonna go for a marathon, because that’s what it is!

Big Bad Wolf:
Facebook Page

And that’s about it.

Happy Book Shopping!

Special thanks to Zach,
for driving & accompanying me all the way to Mines 2
And for carrying my box to the car because I was such a girl. :’)
Also to Malie & Farah,
ecstatic to finally meet you guys!
You’re as amazing and fun in real life
as you are on the phone.
hope to see you guys again!

for more pictures, click on Photo diary!



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