Don’t lose what is real chasing behind what only appears to be

“I guess our parents stayed together simply because they didn’t have 7,000 other people following them at their disposal when their relationship or marriage got hard. Nowadays when our relationships get hard, we can just log on and get high off this false sense of security, appreciation and understanding. We value our worth based on followers, comments and inbox messages filled with colorful words that have no depth. Meanwhile the person who loves you when there is no filter on your face becomes an option and attractively filtered followers become priority. Don’t lose what is real chasing what only appears to be.” 

Unfortunately it’s still a sad reality that social media and technology play a large part in many failed relationships these days. Whoever said this (author is unknown) could see that whenever people are “bored” in their relationships or things aren’t going as good as they could be, people get right on the internet and get caught up and consumed in the followers, messages, and comments. Some of us get that false sense of security and appreciation by looking at all the “likes” on our pictures or followers on twitter, while others cruise profiles of other men and women and “oogle” them. Fantasizing about what a relationship with people we don’t even know “would” be like.

PS: Although that last sentence sounds like me and my fictional boyfriends from various books. Heh. 🙂

Really short and random post because
I stumbled across a really great quote.
Also, because I missed blogging from my laptop.


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