2016 Mediocre Goals

I write new year resolutions every year. And very much like you, I don’t fulfil very many of them but instead, change the date and recycle them for the next year. This is the only moment where I practice GoGreen!

This year, I want to set more attainable goals. Mediocre but realistic. Lower standards so there is less room for disappointment.

Cause all you kids with Asian parents know what it’s like to live with high standards. Is your mother always right or is your mother always right?

1. Lose Weight. Be More Active.

God knows I won’t go on a diet even if you pointed a gun at my mother’s head but some sports are bearable even fun, like badminton or swimming. I will take the stairs as often as I can without perspiring and not take the lift in uni one floor up when the stairs is right next to it. I will stop hoarding potato chips and cut back on those supper nights. I should probably lay off the chocolates as well.

Perhaps in 2017.

2. Talk. Have meaningful conversations.

I realized that there were so many conversations that I had with people where it was just pointless talk. About the weather, what I was doing an hour ago, what I had for dinner. Let’s have more conversations about us. About you, about things you never shared with anyone else.

3. Work for money on my strengths.

I have been struggling with multiple jobs, studies and everything else that life just keeps throwing my way.  This year, I have chosen to focus more on my studies instead of the promise of money and prestige.
I should be more punctual to class as well.

Perhaps in 2017.

4. Write what you want. Challenge my writing.

2015 has presented me with a lot of opportunities ever since I discovered a group of people who are as mad on books as I am. I have started venturing more into reviewing books as well as receiving Advance Reader’s Copy(ARC) from publishers(This is my favorite part). I want my writing to cover more than love and life, to really push the boundaries of what I am comfortable with. I want to write more, not only when I review a new book, but to sharpen and hone the skill to get better at it every day.

I want to move people with my writing. To stir them to action, to uplift and encourage, perhaps even shed a tear.

5. Be a good Facebook friend.

I’ll be honest with you – I have too many friends. Sure, I am friendly with everyone but the number of people I can confide in, I can probably count with the fingers on one hand. I want to be a better friend. Be more encouraging and kinder with words and actions. For example, put in the effort to keep in touch with those faraway and reply my 2016 Whatsapp conversations in 2016.

6. Find someone to love me.

There were moments where I wished I had someone to call mine. Let’s all be honest here, who doesn’t? But I have been using my past two years, and I will be using my 2016 as well, to be the years of waiting. To wait not for the perfect guy, but rather, wait for my heart to be ready. That instead of jumping into another relationship, I spend time getting to know a person, building strong foundations before taking it any further. Instead of wanting to ‘meet someone with low enough standards and wants to date me’, 2016 will be a time of being the best person that I can possibly be, to be sure of myself as an individual and what I want in my future partner.

But still, you can apply and I will get back to you in 2017.

7. Buy lesser books I really like.

If you guys have been following me on my social channels, you would have known the amount I spend on books alone last year, is ridiculous. I learn to sieve through books and only get those that I would keep forever. I swear I’ll try. Really hard. To control book buying urges. Keyword: TRY.


2015 has been an amazing but challenging year. It made me cry buckets of tears to laughing till I tear. I’d be lying if I said that I was glad for everything that had happened. But it did, and because I was trapped between a rock and a hard place, I had no choice but to grow upwards. It left me battered and bruised but it also demanded that I learn and be grateful for the lessons learned and I am a better person because of it.

2016, give me all that you got.


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