Honey Creme Soft Serve

IMG_2112The latest type of ice cream seems to be the soft serve ice cream, which is a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice cream, hence its name, due to air being introduced while freezing.

One of the famous brand for soft serve ice cream would be Honey Creme, a brand that was born between South Korea and Taiwan. Outside of Malaysia, this brand has many branches – Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Singapore and this newly opened branch in Kota Kemuning is only the third in the country! The brand believes in using premium quality ingredients for the milk, toppings, honeycomb, etc, and only top organic milk ice-cream recipes from South Korea, integrating with fresh milk and cream.

IMG_2065 IMG_1960

IMG_1979Personally, I usually go for plain topping-free ice cream. But Honey Creme’s ice cream has a distinct taste, such that it blends well with almost every topping on the menu. My personal favorite would be the Affogato Soft Serve. The espresso was poured over the ice cream, giving it its deliriously rich taste, making the flavor deepen and linger on the tongue far longer than an average flavor.


For those who has a need to satiate their sweet tooth, their signature Honey Comb Soft Serve and Comb Honey Soft Serve would definitely satisfy your sweet cravings.

IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_2046 IMG_2098 IMG_2037 IMG_2029


On a diet but you want to have a cheat day? Have no fear, Organic Mixed Grains is topped with nutritious fiber and mineral to enrich healthy elements, when organic mixed grains mingle with original soft serve ice cream and caramel. This flavor is also very popular among the elderly who seemed to have low tolerance for sweetness.

Not forgetting chocolate addicts out there, Dark Chocolate Soft Serve is calling to you! Layered and based with two premium chocolates with different sweetness levels, and sprinkled with Italian pink rock salt, are specially selected to enhance its sweet taste.


I could go on and on all day about every flavor of each topping but nothing beats tasting it for yourself.

IMG_2015 IMG_2006 IMG_2051 IMG_1951 IMG_1956 IMG_1963

So head over to their Kota Kemuning branch and try it! In conjunction of Valentine’s Day, Honey Creme is having a special promotion for you and your loved ones. Get any 2 ice creams, cone and cone or cup and cup, to get a special 14% discount off. Bring your girlfriend/boyfriend, family members or friends to get this special discount now! Promotion is only valid from 14th February till 21st February. Also while you’re at it, get PINK cotton candy instead of white just for this special occasion.


The atmosphere of the shop itself was just a pleasure to be in. Cooling and quiet, a perfect place to just ice cream and chill. If you’re having problems with your ice cream choices, don’t be afraid to approach the friendly staff! They’re more than delighted to introduce to you new toppings to your ice cream.

IMG_2105 IMG_2101 IMG_2100 IMG_2107 IMG_2044 IMG_2037 IMG_1993 IMG_1990 IMG_2002

For more information don’t hesitate to check out their:




Or contact the owner, Mayble Teow at +60123259200



Quote <KIMBERLYHO> for 10% off every purchase!
Valid till 29th February 2016.

Thank You Honey Creme for having me!


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