Tips on How to Read More

Time has become a villain to us as we grow older. Suddenly, we’re running out of time to sleep more or relax more. But for bookworms, we’re running out of time to read more. Hang on, let me tell you a secret. It’s not time, it’s you. Yes, I know, it seems like a cliché break up line so, allow me to elaborate.

There aren’t many things in this world that is constant as everything is ever changing, so time being one of the rare things that is constant, shouldn’t mean you’ll let it boss you around or be its slave. Hence, you may not be able to control time, but you can manage every minute of your life. So, here are a few tips on how you can manage your time and maybe increase your reading sessions.

First, read while eating. WHAT? Yes, I know. But if I could read while sleeping, I would too. So, consider this the next best thing. Don’t underestimate bookworm’s powers to do things single handed. Eating with one hand? A walk in the park. Just be sure to keep your book well away from any liquid or sauce or die looking at the stain on your book forever.
Disclaimer: I am not held responsible should you, stain your book, drop your book or tear in accidentally. God forbid those things happen. So, eat safe and read safe people!

Next, read in moving vehicles. If you’re not the one behind the wheel, (this is one other way to read more but HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.), read! Especially if it’s a journey to college or a ride on the train to work, this makes your journey worthwhile! Unfortunately, not everyone is born to read in moving vehicles. So, if you get motion sickness, don’t worry, try other methods instead. Like listening to audiobooks in cars!

This brings us to our next method, listening to audiobooks. This is a perfect substitute for traditional reading. Imagine all the books that you can finish if you listened to audiobooks while, driving, doing chores or in moving vehicles for people who gets motion sickness from reading! It makes doing mundane things like chores more enjoyable and time will fly by, before you know it, you’re done with chores and you can curl up and read your book.

This method is the most recommended one yet few do it. Read books you enjoy. It may seem obvious, but majority of bookworms are guilty of reading books they don’t enjoy and force themselves to do so just for the sake of finishing it. Doing this may often lead to reading slumps and just demotivate you of picking up your next read. So, the solution? Get rid of whatever you don’t enjoy. Picked up a book and you’re bored 5 pages in? Put it down, pick another, and save that for another time. Who knows it may just be that you’re not in the mood for a romance and that mood will come later. Don’t give up on it, just save it for a better time where the book will be enjoyed as it deserves to.

Every new year, we create New Year Resolutions for ourselves to make sure we move forward and better ourselves. We should do the same for books. Set challenges or goals to reach and make sure to achieve them. This can motivate us to read. Setting a reading goal doesn’t have to be a huge milestone like, read 100 books a year. Start small, maybe from 10 books a month and slowly expand and push yourself. After all, we never like to lose and would self-consciously want to achieve and reach our goals.

Join book communities! I highly recommend this method. From personal experiences, after joining a book community, I not only increased my friend list, but also my TBR(to-be-read) List! From planning read-a-longs, to going for book sales together, I guarantee you, it would be impossible for you to run out of books to read. These bookish friends not only be your motivation but also your moral and emotional support when your favourite character gets killed off. It is just a wonderful community, whether you join book blogging, bookstagrammers, or booktubers, they’re all equally wonderful and it is one of the most heart-warming feeling to find people who share your passion and understands what you’re going through. Trust me, it might just change your life.

Overall, these are ways you can try to increase your reading time. It’s all about planning your next read and utilizing your busy moments. As bookworms, we try to find time for reading, but when life gets in the way, just go with the flow, and enjoy it. The magic of being a reader is that your love for books never truly fades; once a bookworm, always a bookworm. you heart, mind and soul will always be reaching for a book no matter how little time you have. You have time for all the things you love in life, so devoting more time to one aspect does not mean neglecting the other.

It’s not that we don’t have time to read, we just must find time to read. Good luck, bookworms!




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