Book Review: Sam and Ilsa’s Last Hurrah by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Format: Paperback ARC, 211 Pages
Publisher: Times Reads
Pub. Date: April 10th, 2018
My rating: 3 hurrahs!

“Siblings Sam and Ilsa Kehlmann have spent most of their high school years throwing parties for their friends—and now they’ve prepared their final blowout, just before graduation.

The rules are simple: each twin gets to invite three guests, and the other twin doesn’t know who’s coming until the partiers show up at the door. With Sam and Ilsa, the sibling revelry is always tempered with a large dose of sibling rivalry, and tonight is no exception.

One night. One apartment. Eight people. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, we all know the answer is plenty. But plenty also goes right, as well…in rather surprising ways.”

I’d like to thank Times Reads for this ARC to be reviewed. This gorgeous, shiny and bright paperback book is the current obsession of my life. The colourful, eyecatching glasses and confetti just makes you want to go party right now.
This book is like the start of a coming of age story. Its the kind of story that writers like Rachel Cohn and David Levithan executes the best. This entire story takes place over the course of one night, this doesn’t even include the day, so it only happened throughout the night. This then really gave readers the chance to really feel the depth of the characters and the fact that we don’t get to see the consequences of their decisions made during the edge of a life changing moment in their lives. 
The premise of this book is intriguing to begin with and it was the reason this book caught my eye in the first place. (Besides the cover is just really eye-catching isn’t it?) Though the characters were really diverse, personality wise, I found some characters harder to connect with than the rest. Sam and IIsa being twins, had a super dynamic relationship, made it one of the reason that attracted me to this book, I just really adore stories about twins relationship/drama. Its not easy for authors to write in alternating point of views but this was done quite well that allowed the story to flow smoothly yet keep the mystery intact.
I think it also important for people to know that because of the disconnection to some characters, it made this book feel like a drag at times. Somehow those characters lack a certain quality that makes that relatable or memorable. Fortunately, the focus of this book revolves around the twins which doubly helps the flow of it entirely. The setting of this novel is in New York City, thus painting an interesting place for the teenagers to be in and continuing their journey from. The ending will make you glad you stuck through but prepare to be disappointed if you were expecting it to be along the lines of Dash and Lily. It was all around a really quick, intriguing read.

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