Review Policy

This policy is mainly focused on the book section.

If you are an author, publicist or publisher wanting to contact me for a review, this is the page for you.
herinfinitepages is a lifestyle blog which has a book review & movie review section, hence this policy. However, my site does consist of some middle-grade and adult literature reviews[coming soon]. My reviews are 100% honest and are critical. I do not receive or accept any compensation for my reviews.

What I am willing to read for review:

YA – Young Adults
NA – New Adults
MG – Middle Grade
Short stories/novellas

What I do not accept:

Graphic novels/comic books
Autobiographies or biographies
Other notes to consider

I accept both hard copies and e-books.

If you’re gracious enough to send me a physical copy, I would totally appreciate that. Be advised that I’m an international blogger and you’ll be shouldering the shipping cost.

If it is an e-review copy, please note that I have e-readers so .mobi files/epub/pdf files are preferable
I currently do not accept review requests from indie-authors.
I also do not accept audiobooks for review.
I will not share the book to anyone unless you have requested.
I will not post the review if it’s under 3 stars until your consent. (This only applies for author requests or to those who have requested in their email)

If you do not hear from me after one week considered your email read and sadly, declined. Thank you for understanding.

I am also open to blog tour requests! Just follow the criteria above, and send me an email.

Once you have read over my review policy, you can reach me via email which can be found on my contact page.


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